Further utilizing the many years spent as an easel painter, Hugo began offering his skills as a muralist. Frequently commissioned to paint children’s rooms, to the degree which makes him wonder if people don’t think he paints any other type, Hugo has painted everything from arcadian landscapes and an opium den, to tying in areas to match handmade wallpapers.

When painting a mural we aim to make the imagery and the architectural elements work together harmoniously; we can make a small room look bigger, and a big room look more intimate.

There is no subject or style Hugo can’t paint in.

How a mural project proceeds

After the initial client meeting to discuss the project, Hugo prepares rough compositional sketches, in colour. These are then presented at the next meeting where any further ideas can be added or indeed subtracted. A finished scale drawing is then produced.

This is to enable all involved to know pretty much exactly what the finished mural will look like.

When the space is ready, the mural painting then proceeds to completion.